Monday, 22 June 2015

Less than 2 months to go now and now we feel very much as if we’re on the home stretch. Getting back to teaching again has been tough, mainly due to the ever-present discipline issues but through perseverance also comes the odd moment that makes the frustration worth it. Today it was hearing a G7 class (normally the more difficult of the two) singing the song I’d taught them at the tops of their voices and sounding so happy I couldn’t help but smile! We’re currently teaching all our classes songs from the musical Joseph, with the hope of having them perform a small concert at the end of term. Most have taken to the songs well; sadly enthusiasm, we’ve found, doesn’t always equate to tunefulness! As long as they’re enjoying it…

The main news here is that winter has finally arrived. After 10 months of refusing to believe that we’d ever need the heater and hot water bottles left behind by previous volunteers, we woke up one morning to find it -2°C and were thoroughly depressed for the next 2 weeks. Though the mornings are still chilly at the moment, by late morning things have generally warmed up enough to be bearable.

Otherwise, life has generally been carrying on as normal, with the exception of some nice trips away- the first a 4-day weekend at Riette’s farm in the south. We had lots of fun- picking and eating oranges straight off the tree, crashing through the feld in an open bakkie and milking a cow for the first time! The whole family was there and we had some good laughs as well- it’s sad to think that the next time we meet up may be our last… Then last Friday we drove to Okonjima, a lodge and big cat conservation centre just outside Otjiwarongo, where Riette was providing a workshop for the teachers at the school there. We were lucky enough to go on a cheetah drive which involved tracking their radio collars with telemetry equipment, then getting out of the jeep to track them on foot through the bush- the thorn bushes left our trousers scarred for life but we eventually found the cheetahs we were looking for!

And that’s about it, really. This weekend is a home weekend, which means a bit of peace and quiet from the hostel kids- always quite nice but a bit spooky at the same time! Now it’s just a case of pushing through the bad lessons and holding onto the good times while the time flies by just like it always does!

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