Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Hi everyone- sorry for being so exceptionally bad at keeping this blog up to date! As an apology I’m putting up 2 posts- one that I wrote last month but didn’t get round to putting up, and a more recent one.

I had a great few weeks of holiday- mainly because my parents came out to visit- the first time I’d seen them in 8 months! After getting over the mental confusion of seeing them actually in Omaruru rather than through a grainy skype call, I had so much fun showing them around town and the school, showing them the work our kids have done and introducing them to Riette. It was just a pity all of the hostel kids had gone home so they weren’t able to meet any of them! From there we travelled up to the Caprivi Strip- an area of Namibia so different to everywhere I’d seen before. To go from Omaruru, with our river that ‘flowed’ (ie- had some deep puddles) for about 2 hours after a huge rainstorm, to the gushing Okavango river surrounded by greenery and full of hippos- you wouldn’t think you were in the same country! In Caprivi I was also lucky enough to see some buffalo, meaning that I’ve now seen the Big 5: buffalo, rhino, elephant, leopard and lion. We came back down through Etosha and the Erongo Mountains to Swakopmund, then flew to the Fish River Canyon- as different to Caprivi as you could get but equally spectacular. Upon returning to Swakopmund, I said goodbye to my parents and took an organised tour to Sossusvlei, home to some of the largest sand dunes in the world and utterly beautiful, especially in the early morning light. And the stars were just something else! After that it was back to Swakop again where I spent a few days relaxing (and almost freezing) in coffee shops until it was time to come home and get ready for the new term.

So that brings us to now! Today marks exactly 3 months until we come home (aaaarrgh!) and was also the first day of school after the holidays. Proper lessons start tomorrow and we know this term is going to be a busy one, with twice-weekly sport, ‘Windows of Hope’ sessions and cultural activities that will keep us occupied until the very end. Time to get started!


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