Monday, 9 March 2015

Well, we’ve hit the 6 month mark here, which is insane, and time shows no sign of slowing down. I wrote my last post just before the zonal athletics, which took place on the 26th of February with 3 other primary schools in the region. OPS sadly lost out to another school but that wasn't for a lack of trying. We were just 10 points behind Ubasen Primary School when the last relay events came along and our athletes tried their absolute hardest They won the last 3 races magnificently and our part of the stadium got louder and louder with each win- when the under 13 boys won the final race, our lot erupted! Teachers were hugging students, I was hugging a random child whilst trying to stop the kids from flooding the track- it was a truly amazing moment and more than made up for us not quite snatching an overall win. On a similar subject, the Junior Primary had their very own athletics competition yesterday morning- they ran and walked with beanbags on their heads and all looked seriously cute! Dolphins won again (of course!) and their teachers were clearly very proud of them.
We decided to focus on International Women's Day last week in BIS and arts (much to the disappointment of one girl- "but ma'am- I want to dance the culture!")- and our 5s, 6s and 7s made posters about various notable women, both historical and current. They had not heard of most of the women but worked well and I feel glad that they now know that women really have had an impact in history. Just today, a G3 teacher came to me, saying that one of her students had been asking who Marie Curie was, having seen her name on a poster- I was so happy that people were noticing and being interested in what they saw. Linked to Women's Day was the International Day of Prayer which was on the 6th. Riette's church had a special women-only service- it was Bahamas-themed so we helped out to decorate the church with palm leaves and bunting, then handed out little fruit kebabs at the end. I played the trumpet to accompany the congregation on one of the hymns and 4 of our teachers sang beautifully round the piano with Riette. In other music news, I've also been asked to help the local secondary school choir to prepare for a competition by working with the sopranos and altos and playing the piano for them. Rehearsals have been postponed for now but I'm excited (and slightly apprehensive- they are so good!) to start when the time comes.
So, those have been the main events of the past few weeks; last weekend we took a trip to Windhoek for a bit of shopping and to see Hermien, and the weekend before that we were at an art workshop put on for arts teachers at Omaruru schools. The night before the workshop, we slept outside in the garden and I woke up with my face covered in little red spots! The teachers at the workshop were thankfully very discreet about it- the children at school, less so! It went down within the week and we came to the conclusion that it was either too much mosquito repellent or an allergy to the grass... We've been having even more rain recently, much to the delight of everyone. Yesterday we took a roadtrip to Kalkfeld, about 70km away, in the hope of finding Omajovas- large mushrooms which grow on termite mounds and come out when it rains- being sold at the side of the road. There were none, so we set off home, but then Micaela spotted some out the window. We piled out of the car and clambered through the fence to find 6 huge (the biggest one was the size of a dinner plate), beautiful, pure white mushrooms which we pulled straight out of the ground and took home. Riette fried some in tempura batter and another one we turned into a kind of pizza base- so good and you don't get any fresher than they were! The rest are frozen and we still have multiple recipes to try out with them!
Not long to go now until exams start again, but for now it's all go!

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