Friday, 30 January 2015

Right, well school is well and truly underway now- we've spent the last 2 weeks settling back into normal lessons, which have all been going well so far. In BIS we've been doing New Years Resolutions and in arts we made skyline silhouettes with sunsets in the background. We looked up photographs to use as examples I felt very proud showing pictures of the London skyline to the kids as they all gaped and said "wow...!" Since coming back there's also been daily athletics training in preparation for the interhouse competition next weekend, which will then be followed by the zonals where the best athletes from all the schools in the region compete. I am not very athletic at all but I've impressed myself by running with the kids to the track and helping lead the warm-up and stretching and making up various games to get them all moving. I was quite proud of the relay race I had the younger ones doing which involved running on all fours, jumping like a frog and wheelbarrow racing- they all enjoyed it and it was very amusing to watch!  

Out of school time, the library is back up and running, as are my piano lessons. I've also started doing a bit of singing with the hostel kids at weekends (although they'd still much rather sing 'Don't Stop Believing'!). Felicity, our desk officer, and John, who also works on Coll, came to Omaruru on Wednesday and we had fun yesterday showing them around the project. It was nice to just be able to chat about what we'd been up to and get some tips and advice on a couple of issues and ideas. Last night we attempted a braai for them- it took about 3 hours to get it lit but the end result was definitely worth it and we had a lovely night!

This weekend is the first home weekend of the term so the hostel is spookily quiet. We haven't got much planned except a swim at Central Hotel tomorrow and a bit of peace and quiet, then it's back to work on Monday- fun, fun, fun!

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