Sunday, 26 October 2014

8 weeks in Omaruru- how the time flies! We treated ourselves to a cooked brunch and way too much carrot cake at Main Street Café to celebrate and I’m now sitting sweating in our room while all the girls catwalk-strut around outside, being judged! The last two weeks have been tiring as usual (in a good way!) but enjoyable and eventful as well. We’ve done lots of singing in arts lessons- ‘Seasons of Love’ with Grade 7 and ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ with the 5s and 6s- and now my voice is completely hoarse, as it has been for most of the last 3 weeks! We’ve made spiders out of toilet rolls and twigs for G3 arts as part of our topic on insects- we’ve also filmed them singing ‘incy wincy spider’ which is pretty cute… Yesterday we spent the afternoon with the older hostel kids making Christmassy decorations (yes, in October!) for the prize-giving ceremony which is on Thursday. I’ve started practising some Christmas carols on the piano as well- hopefully we might be able to do a bit of carol singing at some point. Speaking of piano, I now have 6 students and I think a few more may still be interested, although it’s getting a bit late in the term now. I’m enjoying the teaching and I think/hope my students are enjoying the lessons too!
We had a majorly traumatic experience last Wednesday when a huge spider known as ‘haarskeerder’ (google it if you dare!) ran into our room and disappeared- I took the logical option and jumped on a chair, closely followed by Micaela, and it took 3 boys with stamping feet, a bucket and a broom handle to finally locate the monster and kill it for us, completely rearranging our furniture in the process! We told this story to both our G3 classes that day which was a bad idea, as they all started telling us these terrifying horror stories about them! Later on a man from Zimbabwe came to the school with some really beautiful printed cloths and had a very successful day- Riette, Hermien, Micaela and I all bought something, as did a few teachers. We spent last Sunday baking cookies with Hermien which was really fun, and we had a lovely (and delicious) braai that evening too.
It may only be October but we’re already thinking about Christmas- we’ve found a really nice hostel for Cape Town and are slowly piecing together our travel route and booking accommodation bit by bit. But before that we can look forward to next weekend- it’s a home weekend so Riette’s taking us camping! The plan is to leave after school on Friday and watch a lion feed (!!!) before camping overnight and stopping by some famous dinosaur footprints on the journey back on Saturday. We’re so excited!
So, there we go! Nearly 2 months in and still going strong!

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