Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wow, this week has flown by- it's been busy, stressful and overall just a bit mental! After being mostly quiet and well behaved last week, our classes have decided that now is the time to stop listening and start misbehaving, which has lead to some difficult lessons and a lot of shouting... Last week also saw a few teachers off school which ended up with me standing in front of a Grade 5 R.E class with no textbooks, exercise books or any idea of what to teach, trying to keep the kids quiet while one boy told paraphrased bible stories! One of the longest 40 minutes I've experienced in a long time, but it just about worked! We also had 1.5 days of Grade 3s who wouldn't listen to a word we said and misbehaved the whole time, so were very happy when the weekend arrived! This week we also opened up the library which has been a success- it's so nice to see students coming in to do homework or just sit and read, even if our careful organisation of the books is soon ruined!

The weather is very strange- we go for breakfast freezing and in the pitch black with stars still in the sky but by 10/11.00 the temperature is already in the 30s! The evenings are really warming up now- I think we'll be getting the fan working some time soon! The last few days have been the first time I've seen clouds in the sky- a sign that the rains are on their way. It's been feeling quite muggy and humid, like the weather just needs to break, so we're hoping that will happen soonish.

Yesterday we went to the local Damara-speaking primary school for a teachers' sports day thing... I managed to stay off the pitch (as I do not have a single sporting bone in my body) but Micaela somehow made the regional team for the Omaruru primary school cluster! Last night we went back to the same bar as last week, this time to see an Afrikaaner musician known as "Chicken"... this would have been unremarkable apart from the fact that there was a stag party going on, so we spent the night surrounded by drunken men wearing nothing but underpants! "Typical Omaruru" said Riette when we told her...! This morning we visited the Main Street Café for a change of scene- it was really nice and I'm already making plans to have breakfast there to celebrate our 1 month anniversary!

There's probably a million and one things I've forgotten to mention here but oh well- you'll just have to wait until I get home!

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