Sunday, 7 September 2014

So, today marks one week since we arrived in Omaruru! We've settled in really well but are still finding out new things each day as well as new parts of the town. We got confused earlier when they started serving lunch at 11.30... turned out the clocks had gone forward but no one thought to remind us!

Our first day of lessons went surprisingly well, as have the rest of them. We're co-teaching for now and the class teacher is also present at the back of the room which means there are 3 people on hand to keep the noise down and the kids working! Lessons are from 7-1 (which means a 5.45 wake-up... anyone who knows me will know that this is a challenge for me, even when we go to bed at 8.30/9!) and the rest of the afternoon is taken up with lesson planning and keeping an eye on the kids. After dinner they do colouring- they went mental the first night we did it but they're getting better now at not ripping the paper! Our bedroom door is becoming quite the art gallery... They've spent most of this weekend watching movies in the dining hall which gives us time to relax in Riette's lovely garden underneath a completely cloudless sky! I think once we've properly settled into the daily routine we'll be able to start thinking about afterschool clubs and other activities. I taught them to play 'it' and stuck in the mud yesterday, and felt very proud of the achievement!

We've been getting to know the town bit by bit as well, mainly through our frequent trips to Spar to buy fruit and shower gel- I have the world's worst sense of direction so being able to successfully walk to the post office is also a big achievement for me! Riette and her daughter Hermine took us to an Afrikaaner bar the other night (turned out we were accidentally gate-crashing a party) which was good, but the meal afterwards in the Central Hotel was even better- the hostel food is ok but it's basic and sometimes cold so a huge chicken schnitzel, roast potatoes and salad was just amazing!

So yeah, all in all everything's going great- here's hoping it stays that way!

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