Monday, 1 September 2014

Greetings from Omaruru! We arrived here yesterday afternoon after a few days in Windhoek, at the best hostel I've ever been to! We spent those days mainly in the shopping centre marvelling at how cheap everything was and when we weren't doing that we were sitting around playing cards or toasting marshmallows on the campfire! On our first night our country rep, Robert, took us out to Joe's Beerhouse which althppears to be the most well-known place in Windhoek! I shared a 'bushman's sosatie', a kind of kebab with HUGE chunks of oryx, kudu, zebra, crocodile and ostrich- it was amazing! The Namibians really know how to do meat!

Riette, our host, picked us up on Sunday, pizza for the journey in tow, and drove us up to Omaruru. We spent the journey scouring the landscape for animals and saw quite a few warthogs and baboons. Micaela's good vision spotted a few giraffes in the distance which was great! Our room is bigger than I expected and has more facilities (fridge, toaster, kettle) although it was a bit bare. Since unpacking and covering my entire wall with photos it feels a lot more homey! The kids started arriving today and are all adorable (but very noisy!). It's going to take me all year to learn their names but I'm trying! The teachers were all so welcoming- everyone in Namibia is friendly, although I've found the antisocial Londoner in me is always suspicious of anyone who speaks to us in the street (turns out they're just interested in the pale, lost-looking westeners with rucksacks!). Lessons start on Wednesday- I'm completely terrified but fingers crossed it goes ok!

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