Monday, 29 September 2014

Apologies to those of you who waited for a blog post last week- I decided that every week was maybe a bit much, so I’m cutting it down to every fortnight now!

School’s been going well overall- there are good lessons and slightly less good lessons but we’re getting through them and I think/hope the students are enjoying them. Last week was Readathon week so we did various reading-based activities, including making book butterflies, writing wishes on shooting stars to go with a book we read and making posters encouraging people to read. All of these we have displayed in the library as we know how much the kids love seeing their work on the walls! Haven’t started any after-school clubs yet but I’ll hopefully start piano lessons in a couple of weeks, and I’ve also offered to give extra English lessons for those students who are struggling. Other than that, the library is still as popular as ever and we also sometimes help out with study in the evenings. One girl came to me today in the library to say that she got 25/30 in the spelling test I helped her prepare for- that really made me happy and reassured me that we are genuinely helping!

Last weekend we took an overnight trip to Otjiwarongo, a town about 1.5 hours away, for Micaela to do a teaching workshop and for Hermien (Riette’s daughter) and I to sleep, do some clothes shopping and experience SuperSpar- so much bigger than our Spar here in Omaruru! The weekend before that was the Omaruru Artists’ Trail, which I unfortunately wasn’t able to make the most of, as I was out of action on Saturday having spent the morning throwing up and the rest of the day in bed! I was able to see a bit on the Sunday though- lots of really interesting and impressive artwork, including an exhibition of paintings by local primary school students, many from OPS! Next weekend is Oktoberfest (ironically held at the local kindergarten) and White Flag Day where the Herero people celebrate the birthday of their chief and parade down the main street in traditional dress. I’m really looking forward to that, and I think the Otjikondo girls are planning on visiting so it should be a great weekend!
Until the next post!

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