Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Apologies for being so neglectful of this blog recently... everything's been so busy! I had a great time on training- the week was incredibly full-on (woken up by pots and pans being bashed together in the morning, sessions and workshops from 9-6!) but also really enjoyable.

We were given all the information we could possibly need about our years away and also had the opportunity to practise our teaching skills by teaching 10 and 20 minute lessons. I met the rest of the Namibia crew (who are all awesome!), including my partner, Micaela, who's very nice! We seem to complement each other skills-wise- she can do art and drama, I can do music so I'm sure we'll make a good team! We also had the chance to speak to our desk officer, John, about the project we'll be at- a primary school in a town called Omaruru- and ask any questions. I'm getting excited but also slightly terrified at the thought of teaching students when I was one just a few weeks ago!

Coll was just as beautiful as before and I think quite a few of us came home with sniffles thanks to a late-night dip in the sea... definitely worth it! As we swam, the sun was setting and the orange light was reflected on the waves- really magical! We were fed and watered so well by Jane the cook and her kitchen staff, especially on the final night- I really missed her cooking once I was home again... And of course no trip to Coll would be complete without a ceilidh on the last night! It was amazing and I had such a great time- you forget how fun it is until you do it again and spend the next month wanting to go back and DAAANNNCCEE! 

So, yeah, that's it really- sorry if this post has been a bit random! Not long at all to go now- I leave on the 27th of August, I just have to get my vaccinations, clothes, kit and begin the long (and sad) process of saying goodbye to people :'( It's all good though- can't wait!

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