Sunday, 27 April 2014

Well, I said yesterday that the ceilidh had been a success but I didn't think it would be as successful as it turned out to be... we raised an AMAZING £826.35!!!!!!!! Which means over £400 each and my total is now £4,700- only £900 to go! It was such a fun night and (as far as I know!) everyone enjoyed it. I've also seen some footage of the very first dance (the gay gordons)... I think I laugh even more every time I watch it! But that's a good thing!

Anyway, there are various people I have to thank...
- Our brilliant band, The Coach House Company who are all excellent musicians, lovely people and have a great (and thankfully very patient) caller in Colin!
- The Unity Unitarian Church and Will (the coolest church administrator you will ever meet!) for being so helpful and allowing us the use of the hall and facilities
- Our parents, who helped us organise the whole thing, bought all the food and drink (don't worry- we paid them back!) and made us think rationally about costs, profits and break-even points when all we wanted to do was book the hall and hope for the best! They also accounted for a huge percentage of the guests on the night by inviting so many friends and work collegues.
- All the other people who helped out on the night, from the early arrivals who helped set up to the people who stationed themselves behind stalls when they were too tired to dance to the people who helped us write and fold what felt like hundreds of raffle tickets in the 2 minutes before we announced the winners!
- Everyone who donated raffle prizes- we made a lot of money from the raffle alone so your donations helped massively! We received prizes from: Louis Farouk, Godfreys, Whites Greengrocers, To Be Established, Organica Pizza, Kobkun Thai Therapy, Seasons and Blossoms, Blackstock Kitchen, La Fromagerie, Diverse Hair, Blighty Coffee, Cinnamon Village and Miss Pem as well as from some very kind friends and family.
- Obviously, everyone who came on the night- without you we would have been nowhere! Thank you for buying tickets, food, drinks and raffle tickets as well as spreading the word and bringing along your friends- we hope it was worth it!
- And finally, my partner in crime and fellow polka-demonstrator, Catherine, who helped plan, organise and pull off this amazing event- without help from her and her family it would never have happened!

So, here ends what is probably my longest blog post so far... I'm still buzzing from our successes and can't wait for my next fundraising event- backwards walk anyone?!

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