Sunday, 12 January 2014

Exciting news: we are now one step closer to having a venue for our fundraising ceilidh! My friend and I vistited a local unitarian church where we know ceilidhs have been held before and the Minister was kind enough to let us have a look round. The hall is the perfect size and even has a stage at the front for a band, and there is also a smaller side room which, depending on cost, we might be able to rent as well to sell cakes, raffle tickets etc. We have got in touch with the administrator to enquire about prices so hopefully it'll be sorted soon.

I've spent this morning contacting the Namibian High Commission in preparation for my sponsored walk backwards, which is hopefully going to happen on the 22nd of March (the closest Saturday to Namibian Independence Day!). The Commission is closed on weekends but I'm hoping that if I let them know what's going on then they can at least support me in my challenge.

Next event is the table-top sale at my college, where they are very kindly allowing me to have a table for free to sell all sorts of stuff. I think that's some time in February so I've got lots of time to get bits and bobs together to sell. 

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