Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I've received a few more very generous donations in the last few days from family and friends, which has really boosted my total- I think I must be around £2,000 by now! I've also had my first smartie tube filled and sent back in the form of a cheque- it held £34 which is a lot more than I was expecting! So thank you to everyone who has sent donations or are filling smartie tubes slowly but surely :)

I held a cake sale at my mum's office yesterday which raised nearly £50! They've requested another cake sale for Valentines Day next year, so I'd better get practising my heart-shaped bakes... My college is holding a book fair on Saturday and the organisers have kindly allowed me to have a stall to send little crafts like christmas cards and candles, along with part of the refreshments table, which means Friday will be spent baking manically! I have some lovely handmade cards and bookmarks donated by some friends in Sweden, which I hope will sell for a lot.

Unfortunately the local church doesn't feel that a ceilidh would be appropriate, so we will not be able to hold it there. However, they have been very helpful and recommended another church which held a ceilidh last Saturday, so we'll get in touch with them soon. My friend and I are also planning a press release to send to the local papers to hopefully raise awareness of our fundraising activities.

This is turning into a very long blog update but there's just one more thing! There is a brilliant site called easyfundraising ( which is linked to loads of online retailers like Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, the Apple Store and lots more. By signing up and choosing my cause (Project Trust Namibia 2014- Corinna Snashall), I can receive a small percentage of whatever you spend with no extra cost to you. It's a great scheme and although the percentage is very small, I'm hoping that with people doing lots of christmas shopping online, the amount will build up. It's really easy and quick to sign up so go ahead and do it!

Thanks for reading such a long post, I'll try and keep them shorter in the future xD

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