Friday, 8 November 2013

I held my first proper fundraising event last Tuesday, which was a bonfire night party. I invited a few friends for food and fireworks and asked them for a donation of £8. We had a really good time and some people were especially generous with the donations so I ended up with £132! Thanks to everyone who came and donated!

My friend and I heard back from the headteacher of our old secondary school, who said that we would not be able to hold the ceilidh we had planned in the school hall. This is obviously disappointing but we are now focussing on other venues, especially the local church. Our original plan was to hold it in late November/early December but due to the long time it took to hear back about the venue, we are now planning it for January. We're hoping to publicise it as a way to get rid of all the extra christmas weight!

I'm still hearing back from family and friends agreeing to fill up smartie tubes with £1 coins and I've also had some very generous donations on my Virgin Money Giving page so I am very grateful for all of that. My next task is to send out a few more letters requesting grants and see what happens.

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