Friday, 15 November 2013

I had 2 pieces of exciting mail this morning (2 more than I usually do!) One was a £100 grant from a charitable trust, which was very nice, so thanks to the foundation that sent it! I also got an application form for postal voting, which means that if there's an election while I'm abroad, I'll be able to vote :)

We still haven't got a ceilidh venue sorted yet, but the local church has replied to my Mum's email so she will now be able to have a discussion with them. I've also sent out a few more smartie tubes which is great. 

I filled in my second pay-in slip the other day, which shows that my overall total is about £1,800! I'm really happy about that, but there's lots more to raise so I can't get complacent. Now, I'm starting to think about what my relatives can get me for christmas, which might come in useful in Namibia...

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