Thursday, 3 October 2013

So, what's been happening recently?

Well, I've decided that as part of my fundraising, I'm going to distribute smartie tubes to family friends and relatives and ask them to fill them with £1 coins. You can apparently make about £600 from 24 smartie tubes, so it should be good. Of course I need to get the smartie tubes somehow, so I visited my local corner shop and the owner kindly donated 7 tubes. I'm hoping to go to some more shops in the area and see if they can do the same, or I might write to a local supermarket.

I've been to the library and got a list of about 30 charitable trusts, who I plan to send letters to this weekend. I'm expecting a lot of negative responses, but fingers crossed for the odd grant!

Oh, and my friend, who's going to Guyana with Project Trust, and I have written a letter to our old secondary school, asking if we can use the school hall one evening for a ceilidh. We had one on the last night of our selection course on the Isle of Coll and had a seriously AMAZING time, so we thought it would be a great idea to hold one to raise money. If we find a venue, we're hoping to ask a ceilidh caller (and hopefully a band) to donate their services in return for publicity- so if anyone knows of ceilidh bands in London who might do that, please get in touch by commenting on this post!

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